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Marketing Strategy for Cryptocurrency

December 15, 2019 Cryptocurrency

Marketing plays a crucial role in all industry including cryptocurrency. At present we are in the digital world, where online marketing is a key to the growth of businesses.

We know that  the market of crypto-coin today is getting crowded. To sustain and bring about a noticeable change in the business, the coin needs an affective Strategy for Cryptocurrency Marketing.

The basic difference between ICO and Cryptocurrency is that crypto-coins are virtual coins that are the modes of online payment. Whereas, ICO which is Initial Coin Offering is a type of fundraiser for a cryptocurrency venture.

Here are some strategies that can be a real support in crypto-coin businesses.

11 Best Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies or ICO that Helps

Innovative Web Designing

One of the first ways of introduction of cryptocurrency to the marketers or investors is by the your website. A successful website design for cryptocurrency  features the principle of latest user experience and latest style of design. Having such website that keeps up with the latest technology can multiply your chances of seeking investor’s attention.

Such an Innovative website convinces your investors in considering your currency, based on the benefits you have showcased in it.

Direct Messaging

Involve yourself into an engaging email marketing campaign for your cryptocurrency venture as it is another efficient way to attract your investors. A rather effective way is to collect the targeted mobile numbers of your potential users and send them the marketing texts directly, as it has more likeliness to be read and responded from the interested users.

Social Media

Another effective way of introduction of cryptocurrency to the users is by utilizing social media platforms for marketing and advertising purposes. Investors usually keeps a check on the social platforms like Facebook, twitter and others for getting updates on quick tips about market.

Effective and exceptional social media marketing techniques of cryptocurrency ventures can lure the interest of investors in you by leaving them interested in learning more about you.

You should start by creating dedicated pages and other networking sites for your currency. Also keep updating those pages with your ongoing news and benefits, thereby encouraging people to join your pages.

Press Releases (PR)

Press releases can also be of great help as it can help you get noticed by the investors. You may use your popular recent news to seek the attention of your potential investors.

A number of online press releases website can be of great help.

Bitcoin Communities

In order to promote your business, apart from the official bitcoin communities, you need to join several other communities of bitcoin, to let people know you and your currency and the benefits attached to it.

Building a trust is crucial, before starting to talk about your currency. And then you can introduce your coin and the attached history and benefits that it offers.

Paid Promotion

The best alternative is to hire the services of paid marketing, especially for those who are not enough familiar with the tactics of online marketing. The platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others help in providing such services.

This paid marketing services involve the use of display advertisements, banners and videos about your crypto-coins on already established sites, to gain traffic from them.

Setting up a campaign for the paid promotion of your crypto-coin can be done by getting help from an online marketing company.


Reddit is a website meant for sharing of contents and social news, where users share texts, images, contents and links. Joining reddit website and starting to share updates and news about your coin can help you get noticed by people who might turn into your prospective investor.

Reddit is a social news and content sharing website where new content, including text, images, and links are shared by users. You can join the website and start sharing news and updates about your own coin on specific communities called subreddits.

Try gaining some interest first and later on you may start your own subreddits and start promoting your coin there itself.

Display Campaigns

You may also promote your coins on popular sites in the same niche, with displays such as videos, audios, images, texts etc. which are paid. These are the display campaigns, which is basically a paid advertisements.

Many of the startups in cryptocurrency business are using this effectively in order to market their new coins to interested users.

Email Marketing

This is a form of direct marketing. Depending on the quality of email campaigns, it can help produce amazing results.

Email marketing involves sending targeted marketing emails about your new product launch, offers, etc, to specific people. This is a really good strategy to spread the information about your new coin.

However, you need to build an email list first and include only the people who might actually be interested in your product. Then, you can hire an email marketing company or software to get started.

Affiliate Marketing

The Cryptocurrency marketing can also be done through affiliations. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where affiliates send traffic to your websites or blogs as an exchange for commission.

How can You Do It?

At first, start a campaign for affiliate marketing on your website. Pay commission to those affiliates, who bring new sign-ups to you, by their marketing efforts.

These affiliates might know more people who would be interested in your currency.

Online Reputation Management

The Online Reputation management technique helps you avoid negative publicity and promote / build a positive public perception of your cryptocurrency business.

In your way to establish your cryptocurrency business, your competitors may try to destroy your reputation in the minds of investors. But through an effective management technique, you may build an image that attracts your investors.

The best practice is to hire a professional of digital marketing, who would help you in this regard.

Hire A Professional of Cryptocurrency Marketing Company

The crucial step in this regard would be to hire a professional of cryptocurrency marketing company. This can help you save a lot of money and time, which you would otherwise waste in trying out multiple techniques, that may or may not even work.

However, an expert professional would on the other hand have a wonderful marketing strategy to make your crypto-coin business a success, and create a solid brand image in the digital world, thereby raising more funds , or traders for your company.

A reliable company of cryptocurrency marketing will follow modern marketing strategies, tools and techniques to maximise the reach of your users and investors.

Now the trick is just to find a company of cryptocurrency that is reliable and is also good at their jobs.

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